To Jesus Christ, Our Sovereign King

This is one of my favorite hymns for the Feast of Christ the King:

Now this version has orchestra and choir, but it can also be moving with the organ and a full congregation singing it at the end of mass.

But in the end, what does it mean to have a Sovereign King?

Jesus as King. This is a hard concept I think sometimes for us to understand in modern times, since we no longer have kings that rule lands as they used to. We have leaders, yes, but it simply isn’t the same. And even when we do look at past royalty, there is a mix of good and bad, so what are we to make of Jesus being King?

The King of Kings is not like other Kings. Yes, we may be under His reign, but we must realize He is the perfect King. He is a King who loves us and respects our dignity and free will. He does not sit upon the throne to boss us around and demand things of us. His rule is not one of oppression, but one of service. He sits upon that throne waiting for us to come to Him, to tell Him about our lives, to ask for help. He sits upon the throne waiting for us to approach Him like little children. He invites us to sit upon His lap like the children we are, loving Him, seeking His guidance and assistance in our daily lives. It is to Him we must turn as we seek to reach Eternal Life, the abundant life.

Christ the King, reign over us.
Mary our Queen, pray for us.


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