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60 Days and Counting!

This past weekend, I spent the weekend with my friend, Jenna. We went to Philly together (see my previous post) back in October and have been planning another trip too. Now that we’re down to only two months out, we’re getting really excited to head to Italy for a full eight days, plus two days of travel.

My bucket list, though I’ve never written it down, has always had two places on it: Mexico City and Italy. Nearly two years ago I was able to cross off Mexico City (but oh, how the women of Villa Mujeres continue to be on my heart and I’d love to go back!). Now, I’m excited to be getting closer to crossing Italy off (though, again, I already hope to go back as there are things we won’t be able to do that I would love to).

It all started my senior year of college, when I had hopes of going to Italy on a pilgrimage with students from school. The pilgrimage that year, instead of being during Spring Break like usual, was moved to May, when Popes John XXIII and John Paul II were canonized. The dates landed right around graduation and finals–poor timing for this senior in college at the time! So I searched for another trip to go on, and ended up heading to Mexico City.

Jenna and I booking our flights to Italy!

Italia continued to be on my heart. When I expressed this to Jenna just about a year ago now, she simply listened. Then, a few months later, this desire continued to be on my heart. I knew it would be foolish to travel by myself in a foreign country, knowing none of the language. I simply asked God to provide the means and someone to go with. A few days later, Jenna texted me: “Hey, are you still thinking about going to Italy? I’ve been getting the travel bug and would love to go!” I couldn’t believe it. Soon, we were booking flights and making plans. Now, we are only 60 days out from leaving–two months.

Check out her blog, Road to Emmaus, for more and check back here for more as we get closer, perhaps when we’re there, and for sure once I’m back! Please pray for us and let me know of your prayer intentions I can carry on this pilgrimage during this Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy!


In Christ through Mary.


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